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Everything About Carbon Fibre Rims

Carbon fiber has the ability to tolerate a wide range of temperatures without becoming brittle or deformable, depending on the carbon itself and the epoxy that surrounds it. The only developer for one piece carbon-fiber wheels today is Porsche, but their suppliers are the Ford GT, Mustang GT350R, and several others. The big dogs in the automobile industry are already trying to make a Carbon Revolution, where every single car they produce has carbon-fiber lined wheels


yellow carbon fiber lined wheelsAdvantages of Carbon Fiber Rims

The primary benefit of a composite carbon-fibre wheel is the lighter weight of the car that you’ll feel when you’re inside. There are also other advantages such as a sounder noise, vibration, and less harshness. You won’t hear a high-frequency humming that annoys everyone including yourself.

Carbon-fiber wheels damp the enerdy of the suspension into the car’s structure, so that carmakers can engineer quieter cabins without having to add sound insulation.

Disadvantages of Carbon Fiber Rims

It’s true that your car’s performance is improved and it becomes more efficient, comfortable, and quiet with carbon-fiber wheels. However, there is one thing that will make everyone think twice about getting a carbon-fiber wheels: the price. Forget about spending hundreds of dollars for carbon-fiber wheels, you’ll have to spend thousands of dollars for them. A set of Carbon Revolution’s wheels will cost you about $12,000 more or less. And eventually you’ll have to pay more for maintenance, too.

black sports car parked in a parkMyths About Carbon Fiber Rims

Another disadvantage is that carbon-fiber rims has lots of myths surrounding it. Lots of people think that carbon is fragile, it will shatter, and it’s impossible to repair. There are also lots of myths about how they will met with high temperature or crack in low temperature, so then it will leak air.

But as clearly noted, they are all myths. The carbon fiber used in rims are hybrid carbons embedded with materials that will counter those weaknesses of carbon itself.


To ask whether or not carbon-fiber rims are a worthy investment is to ask whether or not you have the luxury to afford it. If you could, it would be a great improvement for your vehicle. This works well if you’re heavily into automobiles and likes to show them off, and it is part of your identity. If you’re not, and you don’t have the means, we recommend sticking to steel covered wheels which will work just fine for daily use.